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If you are owner or technical-responsible persone for cable television (from small hotel to big city sized) here you can find opportunity to select the best solutions ever maded. Triax Distribution systems (MATV/SMATV) offers a comprehensive program for the receiving, processing and distribution of terrestrial and satellite signals. You can use a wide product range for one-stop-shopping, and you are always welcome to contact us about practical and efficient system design solutions.

Sofisticated Head-end stations, very sutable for hotel and city CATV systems available from Triax.

Triax TDH is the Compact Head-end for Digital reception features:

  • 6 modules in one frame
  • Easy operation by means of OSD
  • PC programming
  • Remote access via modem
  • High output level 105 dBµV at 6 channels
  • Master/slave configuration for easy installation
  • Mounting on wall or 19"inch rack
  • The system is easily expandable by adding Sub-units.

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Explore the extensive Distribution products for MATV/SMATV product assortment listed on one single page fore quick and direct access to product information multiswiches, amplifiers, taps and spliters, wall sockets, cables connectors and tools.

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