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This solution enables you to get connected to the Global Network (Internet) You will have full independence of terrestrial provides (like PTT ) and you will be served by highly reliable satellite operators. One-way internet is also available at low cost, especially where the existing internet providers doesn’t offer enough quality and speed!

AdvanSat is pleased to inform you that two way solutions are available. If you want to be independent from terrestrial structures, telecom and other provider you can use our VSAT solution. Different subscription plans are available, so we can find the best opportunity for your needs and requirements!

TWO-WAY Satellite Services

1. Internet Via Satellite (fixed Orbit Satellite)

Fixed Orbit Satellites are most - often used for Internet, point-to-point (intranet) and Corporate network Connection. They have guaranteed coverage, enough operational power and can be used as backbone of Internet connectivity for small and large companies, which needs reliable two-way Internet or Intranet connection. Simple picture describes the functionality of the system. This solution is also very useful to ensure comunications to remote offices with telephony and internet connectivity. Your remote office will became a part of your telephone network and Intranet.

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2. Internet via Satellite from Inclined orbit satellites.

At the end of its lifetime, the satellites are still fully functional, but main customers are already switched to newly launched satellite vehicles. So free bandwidth is often used for Low-Cost Internet Access. The price of Internet service is on times lower than in usual fixed satellite service. The customer will have guaranteed speed and Service, but the only more specific detail is that antenna system is more complex than in usual satellite systems and have to track the satellite.

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3. Corporate networks (VPN over satellite)

This solution provides large structures, like banks, gas startons, factories that have branches over the countries, even continets to have a unified Wide Area Network. The solution is cost effective and drasticaly reduces communication costs! It is also total solution, that gives ability of VPN, VoIP, Credit Card Payments, Strore and Book keeping, remote control and abservation, and a much more applications.

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4. Occasional use

Public information about ocasional use of sattelite capacity will be available soon!

ONE-WAY solutions

Europe On Line

Very usefull solution that provides single users, households and small ofices with high-speed Internet with guaranteed quality and speed. The monthly quota is large enought for normal internet activity, email and browsing. You will be amazed of using Internet with lighting speed of 500 kbps powered by EOL! Large emails will be no more problem for your company. You will have them in seconds! Of course this one way solution requires the presence of existing internet connectivity or thelephone line.

The hardware (DVB card) is available by AdvanSat here